Your business needs advanced solutions. And we have the answer.

FD&L has built a new warehouse dedicated to the e-commerce service, with a high storage capacity and all the technology required to fill orders quickly, organized with short routes for the goods and furnished with great care.

FD&L is an SDA Express Courier. agency. Its integration with logistics guarantees rapid goods transportation, with the last process of the day being started at 20.30, thus allowing all the afternoon orders received to be included and optimizing the work activities.

An efficient pickup and pay in store service:

  1. Over 100 pickup and pay counters at Ki-Point stores.

  2. An exclusive, extremely widespread general delivery service that permits goods to be collected at the over 8,000 post offices situated all over Italy.


Logistics at zero cost because it is included in the transport cost.

Through the SDA Express Courier group to which it belongs, FD&L has elaborated a special, extremely advantageous offer for e-commerce activities, which enables the logistics costs to be included in the transport costs, thus eliminating the warehousing cost.


How we practise E-Commerce

FD&L is a partner of leading companies specialized in e-commerce and has set up a truly integrated logistics system that guarantees many advantages for its customers through a project specially designed to optimize its processes and limit its costs:

  • Transmission of reports on the deliveries made, twice a day
  • Single contact
  • Personalized customer care
  • Great operational flexibility
  • Advantageous cost/benefit ratio
  • A complete, advantageous and high-quality service



FD&L adopts MODULA vertical storage system, a fully automated solution perfect for managing the logistics of small objects.


Modula storage system enables FD&L to offer its customers the following advantages:




FD&L answers all your questions and goes beyond your expectations.

Because FD&L knows by experience that the ability to serve the customer quickly, at a low cost and with an excellent quality of service are fundamental and distinctive elements in online sales.

Because FD&L, in a partnership with SDAFedEX and EURODIS, offers an IT platform and a distribution network capable of covering all of Italy and Europe within 24/48 hours.